Our company was founded in 1978 and based in Alkmaar The Netherlands. The city of Alkmaar is situated in the North West of Holland, a 30 minutes drive from Amsterdam. We are specialised in wine sales to on-trade, on-trade wholesale and wine shops.

A high standard in quality, service, a personal approach and efficiency characterizes our company. We want to support you and your company in the best way.  We offer support in many different areas such as: logistics, wine advice, marketing, custom made wine list and wine training.

All our wines are directly imported from over sixty different suppliers from all well known wine countries in the world.  We offer an extensive and diverse portfolio of at least 600 different wines. We use strict selection criteria before we decide to add a wine to our portfolio. These criteria are: Gastronomic qualities of a wine, overall balance, drinkability, expression & personality, to bio or not to bio, price – quality ratio.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and we look forward to help you choose the best possible wines for your business.

Information for wine producers
 When you think your wines are interesting for our portfolio, send us an overview of the wines and brand(s) with an export price list included. Please be aware that we do receive quite a lot of tasting samples. For that reason we will contact you when we think your wines are possible candidates for our portfolio. Our preferred contact is by e-mail: info@tamiswijnen.nl